Department in Digital Media

Study Mode


Entry Requirements

Minimum of 3 credits (with passes in Bahasa Malaysia & Sejarah)


Being in high demand, Digital Media graduates are the most sought after and generally the highest paid amongst the arts and design industry. Being multi-skilled allows Digital Media students to have multiple career choices.

Open Day

Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM
Saturday 8AM - 1.30PM

Course descriptions

Creative Multimedia, Interactive Media, New Media, Multimedia, Web Design these are all terms associated with Digital Media. What ever you call it, Digital Media is the study of Design, Animation, Film, Web, Multimedia and Game development combined. It looks at how we incorporate art with technology to create functional interactive and informational applications that meet the needs of the industry.

The curriculum of Digital Media at Dasein Academy of Art encompasses web design and programming, marketing, entrepreneurship, digital video/audio production, and etc; which students will be poised to take on various challenges in the rapidly developing and constantly evolving media industry.