Department in Fine Art

Study Mode


Entry Requirements

SPM or equivalent: Minimum of 3 credits (with Passes in Bahasa Malaysia & Sejarah)


Dasein fine art study aims in helping students to withstand a higher level of practice in fine art, and preparing student for involvement within contemporary art and creative industries. The course emphasizes on individual professional training in practical arts, theories and art management strategies.

Open Day

Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM
Saturday 8AM - 1.30PM

Course descriptions

Dasein Academy's Fine Art program start from developing one's aesthetic senses and skills; with studies encompassing traditional painting techniques, art history, installation art, and eventually advances into developing individual ideas and thoughts towards original masterpieces. The study embraced the wide scope of knowledge essential for contemporary art practice, it covered both Western and Easter art history, philosophy and criticism; a wide variety of art forms and materials will be teach to heightened practical art training and with digital art practice. This is a course to nurture young talent with a flexible approach to contemporary art and creative industries.