Department in Mass Communications

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Entry Requirements

Minimum of 3 credits including English (with Passes in Bahasa Malaysia & Sejarah)


Dasein helps students in academic as well as personal development. We help students to focus on their academic while lecturers observe their communication level, skills and their preferred methods. We target and polish up their personal communication skills, before we help them focus on communication with others, via internship with Jack Lim’s TV production crews and My FM and Hitz FM stage performances.

Given the importance of human relationships, in about every area of life, especially so in this era of globalization, information and technology, it is crucial that students are equipped with the right tool in handling the continuous onslaught of modern media culture.

Communication competence means not only being good at individual communication but also being able to understand the effect of media and to develop effective use of media, for the benefit of society.

Open Day

Monday - Friday: 8AM - 6PM
Saturday: 8AM - 1.30PM

Course descriptions

The Mass Communications course at Dasein Academy is complemented with visual communications on top of an all-rounded media training program. Events are frequently organized to provide a wholesome academic growth and personal advancement.