Davin Dhanraj

Diploma in Mass Communication
Davin studied Diploma in Mass Communication at First City University College

Being inspired

My favourite hangout on campus is the cafeteria

Where did you first find out about the college you are attending now? 
It was based on my sister’s recommendation as she is studying in First City University College as well.

My favourite homework assignment in college so far was my journalism assignment. It was a report on the corporate social responsibility of an organisation and I chose to do research on CIMB Bank for it. The assignment provided me with an understanding of the different CSR activities that are being carried out by the bank.

Choosing my course 
Journalism offers an array of interesting subjects which never fails to inspire me. So far, my favourite subject is public relations as it exposes me to a wide range of interesting things.

My course
A Diploma in Mass Communication provides me with a wide variety of knowledge in the field of communication. It is about storytelling with strategy and purpose. The study of mass communication also revolves around how messages persuade and affect behaviour and opinions of the people receiving the content. A professional course in mass communication can opens doors for a career in film & TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, directing, filmmaking, scriptwriting, and production. In a nutshell, mass communication opens up the horizon for career opportunities.

The best bits about my course
The part of the course that I enjoy the most is the practical assignments. Practical assignments allow me to experience first-hand being in the mass communication field as well as build a stable platform for my career advancement in the future.

My challenges 
One of the challenges that I faced as a student is time management. It is always important to prioritise your assignments accordingly. I usually create a priority list which includes all my assignments and allocate the time needed to complete each assignment.

Extra-curricular activities
I was involved in an organ donation campaign which was organised by the Masco Group of First City University College. The campaign was held in 1 Utama Shopping Centre for two days.

Looking ahead
My immediate plan after graduation is to continue my studies with a degree programme. In the future, I am interested to work in the field of journalism or public relations as I believe that it will polish my skills and expand my career opportunities.   

My advice
It is very important to research thoroughly about the course that you are intending to do. It is also equally important to survey the different colleges before choosing the course and institution that you like. Always remember to pursue your dreams and if you are passionate about it, you would definitely succeed in the future.