Melanie Lim Sze Ling

Diploma in Mass Communication
Melanie studied Diploma in Mass Communication at First City University College

Reaching out

My favourite hangout on campus is the library. It is a good place for me to study. Besides, my friends and I always have our discussions in the discussion room there.

Where did you first find out about the college you are attending now? 
I first heard of this college from my aunt.

My favourite homework assignment in college so far was the broadcasting assignment. I was in a group of four and we cooperated to do the assignment and made a news bulletin video of our college.

Choosing my course 
My initial field of choice was business administration or mass communication. After much research, I chose mass communication as I found the subjects offered more interesting.

My course
Many people think that studying mass communication would mean that I want to be a news reporter or broadcaster. It is actually more than that. I also learn public relations, journalism, advertising, marketing, media management, multimedia technology, consumer behaviour, business communication and much more. Apart from the subjects mentioned, there are a few business subjects involved as well. So, I believe that the course prepares me for any job that needs communication skills.

The best bits about my course 
The best bit was my internship. I did my internship at an advertising agency which provides web-based collaborative applications for business. I learnt a lot during my internship. This experience not only gave me a glimpse of how working life would be but also helped me apply what I have learned in college.

My challenges 
My concerns as a student are none other than meeting assignment deadlines and maintaining my CGPA.

Extra-curricular activities
There was a HTM and Mass Comm Day in college last year. Students from both the hospitality and mass communication school worked together for the event. The hospitality students displayed their skills in cooking and successfully attracted many people to buy their food. The mass comm students arranged entertainments such as singing, dancing, and magic shows. It was fun as we learnt how to manage an event.

Looking ahead 
After graduation, I will continue with my studies at the degree level.

My advice 
First know what your interest is. Look at the subjects the college offers and only consider if they suit you.