Adam Shahrum bin Zainal Abidin

Fine Art
Adam studied Fine Art at Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)

My favourite hangout on campus is the the Fine Art Studio because I feel comfortable being there absorbing all the art elements surrounding the place.

My favourite homework assignment/project in college/university so far is my current final year work. It is a series of drawing depicting my family through their physical apperances.

Choosing my course 
I was doing another course elsewhere before I started pursuing Fine Art. I was lucky to have some friends who shared with me on art education and this directed me to switch to the art stream. My parents were very encouraging and did not stop me from pursuing the Fine Art programme as they believe a strong foundation in art is essential in determining what I could do in the future.

My course
The Fine Art course in MIA is about learning and developing one's technical and visual skills. We are exposed to foundation of design, traditional and non-traditional experimental projects. Besides that, the teaching here emphasises development of ideas through critical thinking and the process of creating an artwork.

The best bits about my course 
I think the best part of my course would be having the freedom to express myself and being constantly encouraged and challenged by the lecturers to explore new ways of doing art.

My challenges
The challenge that I am facing all the time is having to start a new piece of art with a given theme. There are a lot of considerations to be made in the initial stage, such as what should be included and what should not be. Nevertheless, seeking a second opinion from lecturers or friends to garner a different perspective helps a lot.

Extra-curricular activities 
I helped to organise MIA's Sports Day for two consecutive years. I also helped to set up a few exhibitions in the campus and took part in a mural painting for a primary school. Recently, I participated in a competition organised by Bank Negara Malaysia and the National Museum of Malaysia entitled 'Tanpa Nama / Anonymous'.

Looking ahead
I would like to further my studies in the UK. It's still far ahead for my career but with my knowledge in art I am very positive of the diversity of career opportunities that awaits me.

My advice
It's important to do your research to find a suitable course for yourself. Talk to the lecturers personally if you have the chance. On top of that, do make sure that the programme you are going to pursue is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).