MCKL's ECE program allows students to have two times of practicum experiences with nursery and pre-school. We also offer other pathways to earn the degree either in Ireland or UK with additional one year study abroad.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum 3 credits overall in SPM, IGCSE, or equivalent, including English OR
  • Minimum 2 credits + 3 years relevant working experience OR
  • Minimum 1 credit + 5 years relevant working experience

Course Overview

ECE which comprises childcare for children below the age of four and preschool education for four to six-year-olds, is an up-and-coming field in career planning. The ECE curriculum involves child development, creativity through music & movement and art & drama, teaching mathematics & sciences to young children, language & literacy, health, safety & nutrition, infant & toddler care, and teaching social studies to young children.