Rachel Francesca Seah

Diploma in Accounting
Rachel studied Diploma in Accounting at Peninsula College, Straits Quay.

What research did you do before entering your current institution?

I found out about Peninsula College through my dad who came across an advertisement about the college on Facebook. After that, I went to search for it to check out the courses they offer. Few weeks later, I saw the advertisement on Facebook again about DMT Scholarship.

What attracted you to pick this institution?

This institution had the right course that I wanted to pursue. They also offered me a better scholarship than the institution I had initially intended to go to. When I had the campus tour, I really like the environment there – and the classrooms. It’s so cosy and such a comfortable learning environment.

How convenient is your campus?

My campus is just 15 minutes away (by car) from my house. Parking is easy as it is within a mall and there is also ample parking by the roadside or if we want, we can park at Tesco which is just a 5-minute walk away. Since it is located in a mall, there are food outlets available downstairs. There are also a lot of food choices around the area which are 5-10 minutes away. There are also public buses that will pass the area.

How would you describe your course to a 17-year old?

The Diploma in Accounting is the perfect choice for you if your favourite subject is accounts, just like me. The complexity of accounts will amaze you. Even though it gets harder over the years, it leads to many job opportunities. Accounting is not only limited learning about accounts, but other skills such as communication. Accounting does not only mean you will become an accountant at the end of the day. You can get involved other jobs such as Financing and Auditing.

What words of advice would you give to those who are intending to pursue the same course as you?

Never let the mindset of others influence what you want to pursue. Many people will call you a nerd or even tell you that accounting is boring and is difficult to go further, but strive for what you want and what believe in. People will eventually need you at the end of the day. Accounting is not just about numbers and accounting is not just sitting behind a desk all day. There is more to it than just that! Don’t let stereotypical people affect you.