Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

Entry Requirements*

  • STPM with a Full Passes in 3 relevant subjects listed in Schedule A


  • A Level with Pass in 3 relevant subjects listed in Schedule A


  • UEC with Grade B in SIX relevant subjects which must include either Malay Language or English Language and one Mathematic subject, with minimum Grade C in the other subject and 5 other subjects listed in Schedule A


  • TAR/ TAR UC Foundation in Science (Track A/B) OR Foundation in Arts (Track A) OR relevant Diploma


  • Other equivalent qualifications accredited by MQA


  • SPM Credit / O Level Grade C in Mathematics


  • SPM Pass / O Level Grade E in English Language

Schedule A:

STPM : Geografi, Ekonomi, Perakaunan, Mathematics (M), Mathematics (T), Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), PengajianPerniagaan, Pengajian Am, Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah and any other relevant technical subjects.

A Level : Applied Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science, Law, Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Economics, Accounting, Mathematics, Mathematics-Further, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Business Studies and any other relevant technical subjects.

UEC Qualification : Malay Language, English Language, Chinese Language, History, Geography, Economics, Accounting, Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics (I), Advanced Mathematics (II), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing and Information Technology, Business Studies, Book Keeping and Accounts and any other relevant technical subjects.


  1. SPM holders must have at least a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and SPM holders from Year 2013 onwards must have at least a pass in Sejarah.
  2. Students with 3-4 relevant credits in SPM/Grade C in 3-4 relevant subjects in O Level may be considered for the Diploma programmes offered at the Perak Branch Campus (PK), Johor Branch Campus (JH), Pahang Faculty Branch (PH) and Sabah Faculty Branch (SB).

For detailed minimum entry requirements for each programme, please refer to the respective Faculty/Centre Brochure.

Open Day

September, December, March

Course Overview

This programme equips students with essential knowledge and skills in quantity surveying practices such as preparing project feasibility study, handling financial issues of the project; preparing tender and contract documents including measurement of construction works and pricing; evaluation and selection of appropriate procurement system, contractual arrangement and tendering method which satisfies the client's needs in term of time, cost, quality and legal aspects; and advising the contractual issues based on general contract principles of Building Contract as well as general legal principles of Contract Law, Sale of Goods Act and Law of Tort.