Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing

Entry Requirements*

  • SPM with minimum 3 Credits in the relevant subjects, minimum Credit in Mathematics and minimum Pass in English Language


  • O Level with minimum 3 Grade C in the relevant subjects, minimum Grade C in Mathematics and minimum Grade E in English Language


  • UEC with minimum 3 Grade B in the relevant subjects, minimum Grade B in one Mathematics subject and minimum Grade C in English Language


Other relevant Certificate accredited by MQA


  1. SPM holders must have at least a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and SPM holders from Year 2013 onwards must have at least a pass in Sejarah.
  2. Students with 3-4 relevant credits in SPM/Grade C in 3-4 relevant subjects in O Level may be considered for the Diploma programmes offered at the Perak Branch Campus (PK), Johor Branch Campus (JH), Pahang Faculty Branch (PH) and Sabah Faculty Branch (SB).

For detailed minimum entry requirements for each programme, please refer to the respective Faculty/Centre Brochure.

Open Day

September, December, March

Course Overview

This programme trains students in the area of ICT Systems Support which includes information and communication technologies, system installation and configuration, system troubleshooting and maintenance, ICT user support, computer operational procedures and computer security. Students will also be trained in the area of software and information systems development and database management. These core areas are the most basic knowledge and skills required for students in their future workplace and study. Students will also have the opportunity to experience 9 weeks of industrial training in related industry. The aim is to expose students to real-life projects on software development and implementation process. Such training will add value to their qualification and increase their employment opportunities.