Wong Yin Peng

Foundation in Arts
Wong studied Foundation in Arts at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC)

About Me

My favourite hangout on campus is the Communication and Information Technology Centre because of the environment and I can do research for my assignments.

Where did you first find out about the college you are attending now?
I found out about TAR UC from my family and at an education fair.

My favourite homework assignment in college so far:
My Information Communication Technology assignment where my coursemates and I were required to do research and create our own PowerPoint presentation.

How did I choose my course?
I chose this course because I’m still unsure which education path to follow. However, I still want to build a solid foundation first so that I will be confident in whatever choice I make in the future. 

What is my course like?
This course focuses on business-related skills and knowledge. TAR UC’s foundation programmes are designed to provide students with strong grounding with comprehensive coverage of relevant subjects, thereby producing students who will possess the requisite knowledge, essential skills as well as attributes which will useful for our employment in the near future.

What are the best bits about my course?
The part that I enjoy the most about my course is my assignment time because I can interact with my friends more. We have fun together when we are doing the research for our assignments.

What are my challenges?
Time management. To overcome this, I’ve made a timetable for myself so that I can better manage my time to meet assignment deadlines while having some free time for myself.

What extra-curricular activities do I participate in?
I was a participant in TAR UC’s Orientation Odyssey Night 2017. I was interested in this because it’s catered to freshmen and I picked up many new skills such as learning to catwalk, singing, dancing and acting. I even won The Best Catwalk and was crowned Queen of Orientation Odyssey Night 2017! This experience encouraged me to join the TAR UC Dance and Drama Society to further refine my interests and skills.

What am I looking forward to? 
I plan to become a secretary one day. It would be challenging but I enjoy organising and scheduling things.

What is my advice for students interested in taking up this course?
Think hard before choosing your course. If you lose your interest halfway, you would’ve only wasted money and precious time.