#CoursesGalore: Drama Therapy (Also Drama and Counselling)

If you're interested in pursuing your education in Drama Therapy (Also Drama and Counselling), here are some essential tips about this course that you should know!

What is it?

Drama therapy combines creative arts and psychology to facilitate personal growth and healing through improvisation, role-playing and story-telling. It also employs other forms of creative expression such as drawing and the interpretation of artwork and images to help people overcome their problems. While a few universities do offer this course at bachelor’s degree level, the majority of drama therapy courses are offered at postgraduate level. 

What will you study?

At undergraduate level, drama therapy is offered as a major under the bachelor’s of arts in theatre or performing arts. You will learn about the fundamentals of theatre as well as drama therapy and psychology-related subjects.

Core subjects 

Creative process; acting; stagecraft; viewpoints; lighting design; performance; stage management; voice and speech; modern dance technique; improvisation; stage crew; directing; playback theatre; concepts in scene design; drama therapy

Typical course duration

It would take about three years to complete a degree course in drama therapy.


Your chances of getting into this course will depend very much on your audition. Experience in theatre is required. 

What do graduates do? 

After completing this course, you can work as a full-time drama therapist at education and training institutes, mental health institutions, hospitals, childcare centres, shelter homes as well as commercial organisations.

More information

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